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RECord Store Spotlight: ‘Move On The Sun’ - Double Vinyl Record

Do you like music? Of course you do. Do you like listening to your music on vinyl? You should!
Get a copy of ‘Move On The Sun’ - an amazing collection of music featuring 78 contributing artists from hitRECord’s ever expanding community of musicians, singers and producers - a double vinyl gate-fold experience not to be missed! 
Digital download included with each vinyl copy. 

Definitely Gonna Get this!! perfect for my “Melding”Harmony Voicework

Nothing like a HUGE variety of New Music & Artists to check out!!

Thxs hitrecordjoe :oD

Ur the Scheisse!!! :o*

A “Quite Canadian” ClayinVan”Melding/Drumtar”PlayList-FEb10th/2014 

Whaaats Up!?! #MusicLovers #Harmonistas

Its been a quite awhile since I posted a New Playlist.But here we are!

This particular “Melding/Drumtar”Playlist is full of AWEsome Canadian

Singer/Songwriters & Bands! & Other Amazing Performers from the U.S.,

U.K.& Norway’s Lovely: Ane Brun

A Quick explanation of what “Melding” & “Drumtar” is

"Melding" is Using my voice & accompanying (singing-along, if U will;) various pre-recorded songs.I’m Harmonizing w/ the music.

So many of us sing along w/ our fav. songs everyday but I’ve taken it to a different level and have been doing it for around 13yrs.

I have done Mini-Tour-Abouts in L.A. California , Lahiana ,Maui , Tucson, Arizona , Guadlajara,Cuernavaca,Mexico City,Puerto Escondido,Mexico

The Idea is to have People Singing Along w/ me.

I started out doing alot of popular mainstream music but over the years I have found I enjoy “Melding” along w/ a variety of diff. genres.

I usually “Meld” for 3-4hrs a day.

I look for threads in all the different songs, whether its the title or the style of music.So, if you do take the time to chk out this playlist I think You will really appreciate it.

"Drumtar" is an invention of mine.Originally it was to give me something to do while I sing/"Meld" but working with alot of symphonic based music ie. soundtracks I have discovered I can make some really unique sounds out of my full-bodied acoustic guitar.I can make the sound of a basic drum kit.Its pretty nifty.

I’ve done this for about 13yrs , 365 days a yr Now.

Why? Because I Love Music.Thats it.

No desire to be “Famous” Just to entertain the the people whose music I do & other artists,actors &performers I admire. And share some truly amazing beautiful music w/ these people & My Immediate local surroundings.

I invite you to come a watch me perform ANYday.

I’m on east12th & garden drive in East Vancouver CANADA

Tweet or Facebook Me

I’m ClayinVan on twitter or Clay Paul  on FB.

Or email me to set up a day and time.

I’ll let U make Yourself a cup of java or tea or my specialty “Raspberry Mocha” And all U have to do is kick back relax ,read ,work & allow me to entertain you or be your background music.

I dont ask for money.This music I “Meld” is other artists So,It wouldnt be cool.But if any of you are curious to know about the artists I will gladly send you links to their respective sites.

Peace &  Loves To You All:oD


1.Sonmi’s Discovery-T.Tykwer/JKlimek/R Heil-3:24-Cloud Atlas Original Motion Picture Soundtrack-10/02/14-4:02 PM

2. The Message-Tom Tykwer/Johnny Klimek/Reinhold Heil-2:13-Cloud Atlas OST-10/02/14-4:04 PM

3. All Boundaries Are Conventions-Tom Tykwer/J. Klimek/Reinhold Heil-2:39 Cloud Atlas OST-10/02/14-4:07 PM

4. Sweet Surrender [Jazz Version]-Sarah McLachlan-3:15-Surfacing-09/02/14-4:09 PM

5. A Thousand Times Good Night-Abel Korzeniowski-6:51-Romeo & Juliet OST -10/02/14-4:18 PM

6. All The Rowboats-Regina Spektor-3:35-What We Saw From The Cheap Seats- 10/02/14 4:22 PM

7. Prelude-Typhoon-0:18-White Lighter-10/02/14-4:22 PM

8. Artificial Light-Typhoon-5:35-White Lighter-10/02/14-4:28 PM

9. From Me To You-Ane Brun-1:58-Rarities-10/02/14-4:30 PM

10. Falling Down-Ane Brun-2:54-Rarities-10/02/14-4:33 PM

11. Sloom-Of Monsters And Men-4:44-My Head Is An Animal-10/02/14-4:38 PM

12. Emmylou-First Aid Kit 4:18-The Lion’s Roar-10/02/14-4:42 PM

13. Take Me Home,Country Roads-Brandi Carlile & Emmylou Harris-3:11-ATO Rec.Spring Sampler2013-4:46 PM

14.Love And Happiness-Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris-4:22-All The Roadrunning -10/02/14-4:50 PM

15. Wild Horses-Elvis Costello & LucindaWilliams-5:04-CMTCrossroads-10/02/14-4:55 PM

16. Coming For You-Von Grey-2:49-Paste mPlayer-74-10/02/14-4:58 PM

17. Western Room-Edward Herda-3:44-The Wondrous Folly of Vaughn Frogg-10/02/14- 5:02 PM

18. Cavalier-Shovels and Rope-4:04-O’ Be Joyful-10/02/14-5:06 PM

19. Fine Young Woman-Kathleen Grace-4:53-No Place to Fall-10/02/14-5:11 PM

20. Easy Way To Cry-David Gray-3:54-A New Day At Midnight-10/02/14-5:15 PM

21. Lay You Down-Catie King-4:21-Suspended EP-10/02/14-5:21 PM

22. Yesterday’s Gone-Bernard Fanning-2:34-Tea & Sympathy-10/02/14-5:23 PM

23. Never the same-A Treehouse Wait-4:23-A Treehouse WaitEP-10/02/14-5:28 PM

24. Lifeline-Ane Brun-3:04-It All Starts With One-10/02/14-5:31 PM

25. What You Call Love (Live)-Guster-3:45-Guster Live w/ The Redacted Symphony-10/02/14-5:35 PM

26. Into My Love-A Treehouse Wait-5:16-A Treehouse Wait-10/02/14-5:40 PM

27. You Came Home-The Tourist Company-2:43-Brother,Wake Up-10/02/14-5:43 PM

28. All Is Here-Parlours-4:21-All Is Here-10/02/14-5:47 PM

29. Pilot Me(Live from Mayne Island)-Josh Garrels& Mason Jar Music-3:15 The Sea In Between Soundtrack-5:51 PM

30. The Treehouse Song-Ane Brun-3:22-Changing Of The Seasons-10/02/14-5:54 PM

31. Slow and Steady Train-David Story-4:14-Summer:Vol.4-10/02/14-5:59 PM

32. Wild West Rain-Jadea Kelly-4:07-Clover-10/02/14-6:03 PM

33. The Indie Queens Are Waiting-Dan Mangan-3:38-Nice,Nice,Very Nice-10/02/14 -6:06 PM

34. Daydreaming-Nat Jay-3:42-Lights Across the Sky-10/02/14-6:10 PM

35. Tina’s Glorious Comeback-Dan Mangan-2:41-Nice,Nice,Very Nice-10/02/14-6:13 PM

36. I Lost Myself-Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk-3:28-Over Land and Sea- 10/02/14-6:17 PM

37. Out In The Dark-Bordeen-3:36-Bordeen-10/02/14-6:20 PM

38. Together-Quiet Storm-3:04-Ep-10/02/14-6:23 PM

39. Into Giants-Patrick Watson-4:29 Adventures In Your Own Backyard-10/02/14-6:28 PM

40. The Briar and the Rose-Kathleen Grace-4:18-No Place to Fall-10/02/14-6:32 PM

41. When I Was Young-Fox and the Bird-0:43-Darkest Hours-10/02/14-6:33 PM

42. Wreck of the Fallible-Fox and the Bird-4:04-Darkest Hours-10/02/14-6:37 PM

43. It’s Alright(Baby’s Coming Back)-Ane Brun-2:51-Rarities-10/02/14-6:46 PM

44. Natural Disaster-Edward Herda-2:34-The Wondrous Folly of Vaughn Frogg- 10/02/14-6:49 PM

45. Ruby Red Shoes-Kelsey Lewis-2:27-Beautiful View-10/02/14-6:51 PM

46. I Miss You-Kacey Musgraves-3:50-Same Trailer Different Park-10/02/14-6:55 PM

47. No More Lonely-Caitlin Rose-2:53-NoiseTrade Eastside Manor Session-10/02/14 -6:58 PM

48. Baby-She & Him-3:16-Volume 3-10/02/14-7:01 PM

Hope U #MusicLovers & #Harmonistas Check Out these Artists!

#TomTwyker , #JohnnyKlimek , #ReinholdHeil , #SarahMcLachlan , #AbelKorzeniowski , #ReginaSpektor , #Typhoon , #AneBrun , #OfMonstersandMen , #FirstAidKit , #BrandiCarlile , #EmmylouHarris #ElvisCostello , #LucindaWilliams , #MarkKnopfler  , #VonGrey #EdwardHerda , #ShovelsandRope , #KathleenGrace , #DavidGray , #CatieKing , #BernardFanning , #ATreehouseWait , #TheTouristCompany ,  #Guster , #Parlours , #JoshGarrels , #MasonJarMusic, #DavidStory, #DanMangan , #JadeaKelly , #NatJay , #LaurenMannandTheFairlyOddFolk , #Boredeen , #QuietStorm , #PatrickWatson , #TheFoxandTheBird , #KelseyLewis , #KaceyMusgraves , #CaitlinRose , #SheandHim , M.Ward , #ZooeyDeschanel

**Zooey + Prince = Craaazy Funky “New Girl” 2/2/2014 Post SuperBowl XLVIII**

So What Happen when U take this:

And this:

U Get  A VERY Special Episode of This:oD

The Episode is to be aired right after the SuperBowl 2Day!

So If U Love Zooey, Prince, New Girl Reblog Away!!!

#ZooeyDeschanel #Prince #NewGirl #FOXTV #HannahSimone #JakeJohnson #LamorneMorris #DamonWaynsJr #MaxGreenfield #SuperBowlXVLIII #2/2/2014

**Zooey + Prince = Craaazy Funky “New Girl” 2/2/2014 Post SuperBowl XLVIII**

Just found out Tumblr No longer supports my browser.

Poo :o/

Will post More Tmrw w/ Pics & Such!!

Peace & Loves!

#ZooeyDeschanel #Prince #NewGirl #FoxTV #SupErBowlXVLII2/2/2014

To Evolve or Not to Evolve…

Time for a little Evolution Tonite!

Tune in for CW’s “The Tomorrow People”

at 9pm for Us West Coasties:oD


Robbie Amell. “Stephen Jameson” ~ Evolving.


Peyton List. “Cara Coburn” ~ Evolving.


Luke Mitchell. “John Young” ~ Evolving.


Aaron Yoo. “Russell Kwon” ~ Evolving.


Mark Pelligrino. “Dr.Jedikiah Price” ~ DE-Evolving

Let The Evolution~Revolution Begin…

9pm on CW Tune West Coasties!

#Vancouver Support Ur Local Film Productions! 

These Cast & Crews give us a Little Magic

So, Show ‘em Some Love!!

#TheTomorrowPeople #CW #RobbieAmell #PeytonList #LukeMitchell #AaronYoo #MarkPelligrino #WedsTVThrillahs #AmellWednesdays

Six Rather Lovely Reasons to be Watching  CW’s ARROW 8pm Tonite!

for Us West Coasties!

#Arrow #CW #StephenAmell #KatieCassidy #EmilyBettRickards #WillaHolland #SusannaThompson #CaityLotz #SummerGlau #AmellWednesdays

Watch Out 4 this Stunning Lady!!!
Coming to Once Upon A Time…Dec.15th Finale
Be there.
#RebeccaMader #OnceUponATime #Vancouver #TVFantasyShows

Watch Out 4 this Stunning Lady!!!

Coming to Once Upon A Time…Dec.15th Finale

Be there.

#RebeccaMader #OnceUponATime #Vancouver #TVFantasyShows

Three Ghosts are Not Better Than One…
Careful! Dont Spoil Your #WedstTVThrillahs Appetite:oD
#ArrowTv #StephenAmell #Vancouver #TVThrillahs #AmellWednesdays

Three Ghosts are Not Better Than One…

Careful! Dont Spoil Your #WedstTVThrillahs Appetite:oD

#ArrowTv #StephenAmell #Vancouver #TVThrillahs #AmellWednesdays